WOD 07.26.2019

LAST DAY OF KIDS CAMP! 9am Class WOD will have be adjusted because of the kids and there may be a fire engine pull during the 9am Class.

Death by 10 Dubz + Power Cleans
Min 1:
10 Double Unders
1 Power Clean 135/95

Min 2:
10 Double Unders
2 Power Cleans

Min 3:
10 Double Unders
3 Power Cleans

Continue adding 1 power clean each minute
No time cap, Go until you “die” (cannot complete reps within the minute)

If you die before 8:00
800m Medball Run

If you die before 12:00
600m Medball Run

before 16:00
400m Medball Run

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