HOME WOD 05.11.2020

Buy in: The Morning Midline with Cam. Live at 8am

5 Rounds*
18 Sandbag Deadlifts
15 Sandbag Curls
12 Sandbag Shoulder to Overhead

Cash Out: 1 Mile Run for time (Bonus Points if you post your time on the Kru Page, double your points with a personal record)

*Perform Each Round without resting the bag on the ground, If you cannot complete the round, reduce the reps by 3 and try again. Rest no longer than 1 minute between rounds

If you don’t have a sandbag, use dumbbells, milk jugs, dog, small child, large child, whatever weight you can find. If you find the weight too light, add 6 reps to each movement. The goal is to stay active every day! If you did this in March, beat your old time.

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