WOD 9.23.2020

Pyramid Scheme
(Echo bikes)
Min1 :10 sprint/:50 easy
Min2 :20 sprint/:40 easy
Min3 :30 sprint/:30 easy
Min4 :40 sprint/:20 easy
Min5 :50 sprint/:10 easy
Rest (easy biking) 1:00, then…
Min6 :50 sprint/:10 easy
Min7 :40 sprint/:20 easy
Min8 :30 sprint/:30 easy
Min 9 :20 sprint/:40 easy
Min10 :10 sprint/:50 easy

COVID disc: Please register for class through Zen Planner so we can plan accordingly.
(7 peep limit inside – there is still the option to workout outside if you wish, weather permitting)

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