HOME WOD 07.02.2020

1000ft Weighted Walking Lunge
every Min on the Min 10 Shoulder to overhead

We will be doing this behind the box at 6:30am and 5:30pm. Outdoor workouts are free! Bring your friends family and random peeps. If you have equipment, please return it as soon as you can.

HOME WOD 06.30.2020

3 Rounds (Each for time)
50 Air Squats
25 Burpees
800m Run
-2:00 rest-

Partition Reps as needed. Finish each round with 800m Run

We will be doing this behind the gym at 6:30am and 5:30pm. Bring a mat for the burpees. If you have equipment. please bring it back as soon as possible.

HOME WOD 06.26.2020

3 Rounds
200m Run
20 Strict Presses

Plank Hold (Equivalent to Time)*
Hollow Body Flutter Kick (Equivalent to time)*

*How it works: Complete the 200m Run and 20 strict presses as fast as possible, the time it takes (rounded to the nearest :15) will be the time to hold the plank and the duration of the flutter kick. If it takes 1:22 to run and press, do 1:15 Plank Hold and 1:15 Hollow Body Flutter kick

We will be doing this in the back of the gym at 6:30am and 5:30pm. We’re asking everyone who has equipment to return it as soon as you’re able. See you peeps soon.

WOD/HOME WOD 06.25.2020

4 Rounds
400m Run
20 Medball Cleans 20/14 (if at home, squat clean any weight you have)
40 Medball Russian Twists

Update*** We are not allowed to use the gym. We will meet everyone in the back of the gym. 6:30am and 5:30pm.

We will be doing this AT THE GYM! 6:30am and 5:30pm Thursday and Friday. We are putting together our new re-opening schedule which will start Monday. Please pre-register on zen planner. If you have equipment, please bring it back to the gym as soon as you are able.

We are super excited to see you at the gym, so we want you guys to know what new rules we’ve put in place for everyone’s safety, following what the state has mandated.

The most important, if you feel sick you gotta just stay home. Once you get to the gym, head on in and immediately wash your hands. Please make sure to bring a towel for your sweaty selves! Don’t worry about checking in, the coach will take care of that for everyone. Then, take a looksy at the directions up on the board. You’ll find a dot marking a station and be directed to what you’ll need to grab. At the end of class, you’ll clean your stuff and wash your hands one more time before you head out the door!

We are excited, we are ready, and we are gonna do this right ~ Chrissy and the Hawt Coaching Squad!~