WOD 05.26.2022

Monday Memorial Day! 9am Class Only

Partner Workout
3 Rounds
20/16 Cal Echo Bike
Farmers Hold (53/35)

3 Rounds
18/14 Cal Echo Bike
Double KB Front Rack Hold (53/35)

3 Rounds
16/12 Cal Echo Bike
Double KB Overhead Hold (53/35)

5 Burpee Penalty anytime KB comes out of position during biking. Burpees done at the end.

WOD 05.21.2022

“Fern’s Balls of Fury”
660m Medball Run
60 Wall Ball Push Press 20/14
60 Medball Lunges
60 Medball Deadlifts
400m Medball Run
40 Wall Ball Push Press
40 Medball Lunges
40 Medball Deadlifts
200m Medball Run
20 Wall Ball Push Press
20 Medball Lunges
20 Medball Deadlifts
660m Medball Run

*Will Change if weather is bad*